On-Board Diagnostics


On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) systems facilitate simple and efficient in-use diagnosis and rectification of electrical and mechanical problems. This is achieved through intelligent monitoring of the sensors, actuators and systems in use to detect when faults occur. These faults can be communicated simply to the user, with the opportunity for a specific diagnosis to be presented to a technician via an off-board diagnostic tool. In addition, OBD systems also allow for operations such as electronic control unit reprogramming, variant coding, and other forms of reporting and maintenance. For many emissions control systems (eg. engine management), OBD systems are a legislative requirement.


Proactsis Controls has a strong background in the design, development and validation of OBD systems, both to legislative and industry standards, and is therefore well positioned to provide a range of services including:

  • Requirements analysis and specification for OBD systems

  • OBD strategy design and development

  • OBD systems calibration

  • Communications development for off-board diagnostic tools

  • Verification and validation of OBD systems

  • Full range of OBD type approval and certification activities (see Emissions Certification)

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