Networking & Communication


As modern land, water and air-based vehicles typically feature a number of inter-linked electronic control systems, in-vehicle networking and communications are of particularly high importance. The ability to efficiently and effectively share data can reduce electrical distribution system requirements and provide a greater set of integrated features to the user. Standardisation is increasingly assisting the development of networked systems with various industry-specific standards available for both the physical and communication layers of these networks.



Proactsis Controls is experienced in designing, developing and validating in-vehicle networks and is able to provide the following services:

  • Analysis of communication requirements and 


  • Communication network specification (including 

     physical and communication layers)

  • Specification of network messaging within 

     prescribed standard (content, timing, etc)

  • Network simulation and analysis

  • Network development and testing (including abuse 

     testing, fault insertion, etc)

  • Verfification and validation of communications 


  • Integration with existing and/or non-standard 

     communications systems

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