Emissions Certification


Most vehicles and/or engines for automotive, marine and/or industrial use must be certified or type approved to relevant emission standards. These standards are typically prescribed by USA, European and/or Japanese authorities.



Europe - The European Commission is responsible for defining the emissions standards that must be met by products sold/operated within countries in the European Union. The assessment of a manufacturer's compliance with the regulations is verified by an independent type approval authority, of which there are over 30 operating throughout Europe.

USA - The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Air Resources Board (ARB) are the two main authorities responsible for emissions legislation for mobile and stationary sources. These authorities both define emissions legislation in addition to assessing a manufacturer's compliance with the requirements.

Japan - The Ministry of the Environment is the government agency at the forefront of Japanese emissions legislation development, although other government ministries are also involved.

Proactsis Controls Ltd benefits from established contacts within the major emissions regulations authorities and has experience in working with these authorities to achieve emissions certification.



The applicable emissions regulations differ as a function of the product, its uses and the market in which it will be sold/operated. For more information, please refer to the appropriate regulatory bodies or contact Proactsis Controls Ltd.



Proactsis Controls Ltd is able to provide a range of services to assist with vehicle and/or engine emissions certification, including:


  • Specification of type approval/certification standards and processes required

  • Production of emissions type approval/certification activity plans

  • Production of official type approval/certification application documentation

  • Meetings and correspondence with legislative/approval authorities to review type 

    approval/certification plans

  • Emissions type approval/certification application submissions

  • Liaison activities with legislative/approval authorities throughout type approval process

  • Post approval reporting and liaison activities 

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